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Europe’s most creative cafes

Fourteen examples of modern cafes throughout Europe that serve coffee, but also create a place for friendly gatherings and quiet solo moments. 1. Mimosa Architekti and Modulora have designed Proti Proudu Bistro, a unique cafe in Prague. With white perforated…

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At home

Start-up whizzes’ modern family home

“We were pretty specific about what we wanted,” says Neil Blumenthal from the living room of his Greenwich Village apartment. “We had like a three-block radius,” interjects his wife Rachel, laughing at their hyper level of specificity. Among the criteria…

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Local scene, Property of the week

A luxury Tardis

Commanding magnificent views over Sydney Harbour and the iconic city skyline, Gavin Rubinstein’s pick of the week is ‘Tardis’ in Bellevue Hill. This luxuriously appointed home reveals a flawless contemporary design enjoying fluid transitions to generous indoor/outdoor areas. An expertly…

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