Globe trotting

The world’s most sustainable hotels

The PURE awards, which looks for evidence of sustainability in hospitality, has named the winners of its 2017 competition. This week, seven resorts and individuals were picked as champions in their fields of sustainability and conservation, community engagement and mindful…

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Local scene

Around Double Bay with Leigh Campbell

Elegant and fashionable, Double Bay has a charm that makes Sydneysiders sit up and take notice. High-end designer stores, a deluge of salons and an emerging dining and bar scene are the pulse of this bayside neighbourhood. Showing us around…

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Trend setter

Souvenirs with style

Holiday souvenirs have always been a mixed bag. Tourist-targeted stores are often full of mass produced objects and you need to head off the beaten track to find those carefully crafted pieces that genuinely warrant investment. Artisan shopping in sunnier…

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Globe trotting

Where pool meets the sea

Massage or facial? Beach walk or bike ride? Snorkel or scuba? A vacation can bring with it plenty of head-scratching choices, but when it comes to the age-old debate of pool versus ocean, some luxury hotels and resorts give guests…

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